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Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager 3.10

Manage and control everything on your Android device from your computer
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Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager can help us keep backups of the data we store on our Android devices, which is a good choice to prevent losing files, contacts, etc. in the event of robbery and memory card corruption. Luckily, this application gives you control over everything you keep on the device. The tool has a nice modern interface in the same style of Android APKs.

There are two ways you can connect your phone to your computer. The first is by using a USB cable. This has the advantage of not needing to install the Android app on your portable device but at the same time requires downloading the necessary drivers. Be aware that this is the only option when your computer is not connected to a wireless network. The other way is by using a Wi-Fi connection and does require the APK to be installed. Pairing the computer and the device is as easy as scanning the QR code on the computer’s screen.

After a connection is established, the tool lets you browse through different categories, including apps, contacts, SMS, music, photos, books, and videos. Then, by selecting the desired items, you can export and delete them. In the case of apps, you can even uninstall them remotely. It is also possible to transfer data from your computer to the device.

Finally, there is the “Super Toolkit” in which you can find utilities to backup all of your Android data and, reversely, restore them if it becomes necessary. Additionally, it provides access to various data recovery tools.

All in all, Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager seems to be a good solution for Android users who wish to manage their devices right from their computers. Unfortunately, its trial version can only scan and preview the data and no change can actually be made.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Two ways to connect
  • Management of all the data on your device
  • Easy browsing through categories
  • Backup and restoration of all the data


  • The trial version does not allow trying most of the features
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